Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oracle SOA Interview Questions

SOA/BPEL basic questions

1.    Explain SOA architecture?
2.    Explain WSDL structure?

3.    What is the use of SOA in IT industry and how it resoves the problem?

4.    Why we use BPEL and ESB in SOA?

5.    What is the main concept behind ESB?

6.    What builds up Oracle Fusion Middleware?

7.    What are various parts of Oracle SOA Suite?

8.    What is the main function of Business Rules?

9.    Why we use Web service Manager?

10.  How can we secure our web services using Oracle SOA Suite?

Project Question

11.  Explain about your project Architecture?

12.  How you are using SOA in your architecture (Flow of BPEL--> ESB)?

BPEL Technical’s

13.  What is the use of PICK activity in BPEL PM?

14.  Why we use Decision service?

15.  How can we improve the performance of an XSL file? –

Answer: - By avoiding use of various if statements and using choose, and by using for-each group in place of for-each.

16.  How to deploy an XSL file without deployment of BPEL Process?

Answer: - we will directly deploy the XSLT, options: -

    ü  Using ANT script by file replacement in TMP folder.

    ü  By creating a folder in BPEL PM installation folder and specifying its location in our BPEL code with http        
                 call and replacing our xslt to that location

Question on Dehydration Database

17.  What is the use of Work_Item table?

18.  How can we clear the instances using dehydration database?

ESB Technical’s

19.  How can you call a web service or BPEL process in an ESB?

Answer: -

    ü  By selecting the service of deployed BPEL process -- It creates problem while deployment as it has

    ü  By copying the wsdl of deployed process and then creating a SOAP service of that process.

20.  What are DVM's and how are they helpful in SOA?

21.  What is end point virtualization?


  1. Hi Ankit,
    How ru man,good to see ur blog, im new in oracle SOA can give me overview of SOA


  2. Hai Ankit....
    am new in Oracle-SOA, can u give me some important questions answers for interview purpose....


  3. Hi Venkat and Sree,

    I would suggest you both to first go thorugh and learn WSDL, XML, XSD, XSL etc and some basic things about Oracle SOA.
    For this i would say you guys should refer below content.

    1. www.w3schools.com for WSDL, XML, XSL basics
    2. Oracle SOA Suite developers guide
    3. Oracle BPEL Process Manager Developer guide


  4. Wonderful effort from yourside.....appreciate it!!

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this.This site seems to be more informative regarding the question that we face in the interviews.I like the way a the questions are listed.Thanks for sharing this.

    Oracle R12 Upgrade.

  6. is it difficult learning soa and contents in soa is send to my emailid:vamsi.alla01@gmail.com

  7. I don't think so, if you have basic knowledge of XML, XSD, XSLT, then u can learn it easily and in a very shorter period of time... thia is as pe my view only....

  8. Hi Ankit,
    This is Ramesh.I faced few interviews SOA 11g Bpel. I have some technical questions,that questions is how can i get requirement from client side and how can i send my task to billing system which format i can send pls explain briefly.

    thanks & Regards,

  9. Hi Ramesh,
    It usually depends on your organization standards and not exactly same everywhere. So I am not able to answer this, as its your efforts and I do not know about Billing system so no idea over that.


  10. Hi Ankit
    This Hanumantha Reddy i faced few interviews soa 11g bpel

    i want answers with example plz

    1.difference b/w oracle soa 10g and 11g
    2.about web service and way should use web services
    3.what type of requirment is there in real time?
    4.difference b/w abstract wsdl and concreate wsdl

    1. Hi Hanumantha,

      I am sorry but I cannot provide you the answers, as i think you should get it by your learning.
      I can only suggest you for the readings, you can go through the WSDL and SOA basics, Thomas and Erl book.


  11. Ankit Chhabra..i appreciate every bit of your efforts towards SOA learners..thank you

  12. hi can u say the suitable versions for jdeveloper,weblogic and soa server

  13. Hi Reddy,

    It usually depends on client requirements and architecture... but for 10g you can use and for 11g 11.2 is the latest one...

  14. Ankit, thanks for your suggestions towards SOA learning

  15. Hi Ankit,
    Good to see your valuable suggestions to the learners.

    Venkata Naveen.K

  16. Hi Ankit,

    Basically, i am a weblogic admin and interested to learn SOA integrated with weblogic.Could you please suggest any book to refer.

    Thanks, Ram

  17. Hi,

    Please refer the SOA developer guide and FMW Developer guide.
    It will help you learning SOA.


  18. hi sir.i am ramesh......present i am learning oracle soa as a fresher so is there any openings are there for freshers...and is there any sites are availble for applyng .....

  19. hi ankit this is mahidhar now i am learning SOA . how can i contact with u i have some doubts bro, shall u provide ur email r facebook profile link ?

  20. Hai Ankit.basically i have done mba but i want to change my career to IT
    side so i want to join soa is it good or difficult Could you please give me suggestion..if i did everybody will be ask Ur academic diff yr course is diff why do u come this side ? how should i ans this?

  21. Hai Ankit.... basically i have done mba but i want to change my career to IT
    side so i want to join soa is it good or difficult Could you please give me suggestion.......if in case i learnt soa then everybody will be ask why do u choose this ? means Ur academic diff yr course is diff why do u come this side ? how should i answer this question ? send to my email id udaychencharapu@gmail.com